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Living in the mountains mostly in places that are not easily accessible the people of the district have been able to preserve their culture, folklore, folksongs and folkdances, the last, a distinctive feature of the district, being seasonal, traditional and religious, some of the better known being described below.....Read More
Corporate Tours

Our Learning Programmes we provide several learning programs for LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, TEAM BUILDING and SOFT SKILLS. Our OUTBOUND TRAINING modules are customized for each team, based on participants' organizational roles, their age, physical and psychological levels and aspirations. We also blend outbound learning modules with inbound workshops, if required, to maximize your learning experience.

We offer an array of outdoor and adventure activities covering various aspects of teamwork, leadership, communication skills and problem solving. Our facilitators will show those LONE RANGERS how to work more effectively in and as a part of the team and also show the BOSSY BOOTS the benefits of communication and interaction. By the end of the day even the most timid WALLFLOWERS can become leaders of the pack!


Our Leadership Development programs incorporate one or more of the following modules, based on your requirement:
Visioning & Goal Setting
Fundamentals of Leadership
Key Leadership Skills
Leadership Development
Team Leadership
Team building
The Process of Leading
Team Work
Conflict Resolution
Planning, Executing & Problem Solving
Result-oriented Training & Coaching
Time and Stress Management
Interpersonal Interaction
Counseling/ Mentoring


Our Team Building Programs consist of the following modules:
Elements of a Team
Developing Teams
Steps to Team Problem Solving
Team Player Styles
Team Leadership
Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning
Elements of Good Teamwork
Intra and Inter Team Work Environment
Laws of Teamwork


Business Communication and Presentation Skills
Corporate Etiquette
Creativity and innovation at work place
Inter personal Skills
Conflict resolution and negotiation skills
Time Management
Interviewing Skills
Mentoring Skills
Public Speaking and Meeting Management Skills
Change Management
Personality Development
Organizational Behavior and Development
Selling Skills

Adventure Conferencing entails taking participants away from the city environment to the outdoors for a conference. The conferencing, instead of in a typical hotel classroom, is done under a thatched Gallagher with all conference facilities.

We can organize regular management games and/or use soft adventure activities such as trekking or rafting as team building exercises, which are sure to generate bonhomie among participants. The itinerary can be customized in accordance to the requirements of the company.