Joshimath Joshimath
Living in the mountains mostly in places that are not easily accessible the people of the district have been able to preserve their culture, folklore, folksongs and folkdances, the last, a distinctive feature of the district, being seasonal, traditional and religious, some of the better known being described below.....Read More
Yoga in Joshimath

Yoga & Meditation
Neither hot nor cold just perfect, makes it the best time for Yoga and meditation. One can attend day classes to long courses. Best are the Yoga & meditation retreats with combination of yoga & mediation where we use the day time for sightseeing, day rafting, visits to ashram , jungle walks and much more. Rejuvenate your self the most effective way, what our saints & Sadhus have been doing for ages. Come to Joshimath & discover what a world without stress feel.

Know Yourself- Encounter with Yoga & Meditation . All aspects of yoga & meditation. One Week Exclusive Course Two Weeks Exclusive. Ancient Indian Science- Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda.

Ayurveda :- Rishikesh, the Mecca for tourists coming for Yoga & meditation to india now has got some of the countrie's best Ayurvedic centres and Spa.

Budget :- Know Your Self : Through the time tested Indian medicine science Ayurveda. One day to one week holiday to Know your body type and the best suitable treatments accordingly with traditional Indian Ayurvedic Gurus. Experience Ayurveda withus.

The Garhwal Himalayas, is considered the meeca for yoga and meditation centers. Yoga, a philosophical doctrine developed in India, about 5000 years back is practiced in most of the ashrams and yoga study centers.

Expand your knowledge of the mystical Himalayas, sages, their tradition and esoteric practices and healing power. Visit spiritually vibrant places. Experience the joy of a perfect retreat in perfect setting.

Looking for a way to reduce stress, get in touch with your creative, spiritual side? Meditation is the key, & we will show you how to :
Reduces stress, tension and anxiety.
Helps to manage chronic pain.
Lowers blood pressure.
Instills a feeling of inner peace.
Enhances intuition and creativity.

Rejuvenate yourself, the traditional Indian way Ayurveda in Joshimath has been practiced since time immemorial. In Rishikesh There are many traditional schools and dispensaries practicing Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Recreate yourself the most effective way, what our saints, and sadhus have been doing for years. Come to Rishikesh and discover what a world without stress feels like. We have few Ayurveda treatment in Joshimath Nanda INN Cottage

The Path of Yoga and Meditation :- an ancient Indian science & culture, a gradual, systematic & scientific way to release tension in day to day life different methods to overcome stress and a perfect way to live.

Today we live in a very stressful world with all economic uncertainties, high pressured competitiveness and social complexities. All these factors affect our mind leading to emotional imbalance, confusion, depression and lack of proper sleep. We have high rates of suicide, mental illness and other such problems. These emotional misbalances are often caused by the over or under secretion of glands, which have tremendous effect on our body and mind.

HATH YOGA helps to improve intake of oxygen and capacity of lungs, release muscular tension, de-toxify the body and internal organs, stimulate glands - balancing the quantity of hormones in blood, Canalizes the emotions, revitalize the nervous system and calm the mind.

Performing breathing asana properly and systematically gives subtle pressure on various glands, restores the proper secretion of hormones and gives emotional balances, will power, confidence, peace of mind and good physical health. We have following specially designed packages for you to experience this ancient time tested Indian science of living.

Initiation to Yoga
3Night s & 4 Days


DAY 01: One can take a train/drive to Rishikesh from Delhi.
Arrive and transfer to High Bank Peasants Cottage . After a welcome drink and acclimatization briefing about the whole program, followed by introduction to the Yoga teacher. Evening dinner.& overnight High Bank Peasants Cottage.

Drive to Joshimath 8/9hours. Arrive Nanda inn cottage Dinner and Stay at Nanda INN.

Morning yoga class followed by relaxation of body & mind. After relaxation learn about breath awareness exercise & stretching exercise. After yogic breakfast free to explore the rea. Evening yoga & traditional meditation class .Late evening visit the JOSHIMATH, Nanda INN Peasants Cottage.


One can stay back / Morning or evening Shatabdi Express back to Delhi or drive to onward destination.
** Optional trips

Important :The yoga & mediation activities above in the program are to give you a idea. Activities in the course are flexible and intensity/priority of the activities/classes will change as per the requirement.

5 Night s & 6 Days

The Package cost Includes:
Twin sharing Accommodation at High Bank Peasants Cottage or Meals and overnight Nanda inn Peasants Cottage.
All vegetarian hygienic yogic meals during the entire stay.
Services of traditional Indian Yoga teacher and lectures on Hinduism and others by renowned saints staying in the area.
Visit to ashrams and other places as per itinerary.
Sight seeing of Joshimath with Arti with guide.
All taxes and entrance fees during the trip.