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Joshimath Joshimath
Living in the mountains mostly in places that are not easily accessible the people of the district have been able to preserve their culture, folklore, folksongs and folkdances, the last, a distinctive feature of the district, being seasonal, traditional and religious, some of the better known being described below.....Read More
Sri Vridha Badri

Sri Vridha badri has great importance itself, Before Badrinath was designated one of the four Char Dhams of Hindu worship by Adi Shankaracharya, the idol of Badrinah carved by divine Vishwakarma was enshrined and worshipped here.

It is Seven kilometres from Joshimath, at Animath, and in the direction of Pipalkoti before Helang. It is said that when mankind entered the age of Kali, Vishnu chose to remove himself from the temple.

Interestingly the image was found by Adi Shankaracharya at NaradKund, and restored, through part of it remains damaged. This, the first Badri, is located at the height of 1,380 mts. at Animath. While Badrinath closes during winter, the idol and priests hibernating at Joshimath, Virdha Badri remains opens throughout the years.

How to reach By Air ?
Nearest airport is Jolly Grant 264 kms from Rishikesh.

How to reach By Train ?
The nearest railhead, Rishikesh, is 247 kms.

How to reach By Road ?
Animath, 8 kms short of Joshimath, is accessible by motorable roads from Rishkesh on the Badrinath road.